Showa American Story

The Rise of
Showa America

Showa 66. Japan has bought out most of the United States with its strong
economic power and a surge of immigration has firmly planted Japanese
culture within the American continent.

The United States, once a world leader, is now an unofficial colony of Japan
and the two cultures rapidly meld together.

Although conflicts are inevitable, citizens gradually adapt to a life
they never could have imagined.

A Star is (Re)born

Chouko, a 19-year-old stuntwoman, and her sister have come to Neo Yokohama
(formerly known as Hollywood) to audition for a part in a new action movie.

However, Chouko’s dreams are quickly shattered upon arrival
when a group of mysterious agents assassinates her and dumps
her body in the wilderness outside the city.

An unknown amount of time passes, and suddenly air fills
Chouko's lungs once more as she rises from the soil…

An Apocalyptic Nightmare
Come to Life

By some miracle, Chouko is still alive, but... something about this world is very wrong.

In her absence, the world has become almost unrecognizable.

Zombies roam the streets. The few remaining humans compete with monsters
for scarce resources. War rages throughout the criminal underworld
as different factions vie for power.

All the while, a mysterious organization fights back from the shadows
to rebuild social order.

A Revenge-Fueled Road Trip

Who killed me?”
“How did I come back to life?”
“Where is my sister?”
“What happened to the world?” ...

With many questions swirling in her mind and no easy answers,
Chouko doesn’t hesitate to take action.

She recovers a vehicle from the ruins of the movie studio and embarks on a journey across Route 50 of the United States to find her sister, all while seeking truth and revenge.

Key Feature

Visceral Combat

Second life is not the only supernatural ability granted to Chouko, but also a mysterious and frightening power that gives her newfound strength in combat...

SAS features a free-flowing and brutal combat style. Players will be pitted against monsters and humans alike, constantly moving, attacking, and dodging in countless fast-paced combat situations. Get ready to spill buckets of blood as Chouko carves through hordes of enemies!

Throughout her journey, Chouko will find a variety of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and some... strange weapons. Players are encouraged to experiment with different items to suit their playstyle and to utilize their full arsenal of combos and abilities against different types of enemies for maximum effect.

Key Feature

Rewarding Exploration

It's more than just combat in Chouko's long journey. SAS will take the player back to the 80s, a golden era filled with good old memories, to experience the unique scenery of post-apocalyptic "Showa America,” while exploring eccentric survivors’ engaging stories through main and side quests.

Using a big RV as Chouko's new home, players will be able to customize and upgrade it throughout the road trip. Additionally, players can enhance Chouko's stats and unlock new abilities by completing various activities available at the hub. As players gather all kinds of resources through exploration and combat, new things will be unlocked at the RV, including new weapons, costumes, collectibles, EXP, and last but not least, unexpected nostalgic mini-games. Those interested in ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture will enjoy the game's aesthetic, faded yet beautiful. Live a better life and become stronger, even if it is the end of the world!

Packed With ‘80s Nostalgia

The 1980s were an unforgettable period, with beloved music, awe-inspiring movies, and striking fashion leaving their mark on the world for decades to come. Showa American Story harnesses the unmistakable energy and unique aesthetic of both American and Japanese ‘80s pop culture to create a world that is simultaneously brand new, yet also very familiar. Players will bask in nostalgia for this bygone era as they’re transported back in time to this pop cultural golden age!

Infused With B-Movie Flavor

Much like the action films that Chouko always dreamed of starring in, Showa American Story itself embodies the campiness of B-movies. Blending together exaggerated gore, dark humor, and larger-than-life characters, the game captures the elusive, yet distinctive, flavor of this style of cinema. Live out your very own B-movie fantasy as you get swept up in the crazy, quirky world that is Showa America!

Latest updates

First Official SAS Merch Available Now!

First Official SAS Merch Available Now!

4th Jan 2024

Posted in Merch, News

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are launching our brand new online store with the first-ever collection of official SAS merch, hand-crafted by our talented artists! This initial collection includes a variety of unisex shirts, available in both short sleeve and long sleeve, featuring designs that have been carefully arranged to incorporate elements […]

Creative Director Interview With IGN Japan

Creative Director Interview With IGN Japan

12th Sep 2023

Posted in Interviews

At the recent ChinaJoy conference in Shanghai, our Creative Director and Executive Producer, Xiangyu Luo (who we affectionately refer to as Boss Cat), had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with the folks at IGN Japan! While you can read the full, unedited interview over in the original IGN article (which we highly […]

Announcing A Special Focus Group Session For Fans!

Announcing A Special Focus Group Session For Fans!

3rd May 2023

Posted in Focus Groups

We are excited to reveal that on next Thursday, May 11th, NEKCOM Games is partnering with the NYU Game Center to host our first ever focus group study for Showa American Story! We’ve been eager to get SAS into players’ hands to start gathering feedback as we move deeper into development, so we have prepared […]


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