Announcing A Special Focus Group Session For Fans!

Posted in Focus Groups

We are excited to reveal that on next Thursday, May 11th, NEKCOM Games is partnering with the NYU Game Center to host our first ever focus group study for Showa American Story!

We’ve been eager to get SAS into players’ hands to start gathering feedback as we move deeper into development, so we have prepared a playable slice from an alpha build of the game. After a brief orientation about the playtest process, volunteers will then have a chance to play the roughly hour-long demo, which will be followed by an interview to collect feedback. The information and player sentiments we gather from these focus group sessions will be instrumental in helping us focus our efforts as we continue to polish the game and tweak aspects of the overall experience.

There will be more focus group opportunities throughout the coming months as we seek to collect impressions from a wide range of players, so if you’re interested in volunteering for one of our future focus groups, then be sure to sign up for our newsletter (use the form below), follow us on Twitter, and join our Discord server to stay in the loop!