February Developer Q&A Transcript

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Thank you to everyone who joined our February Q&A session in the Showa American Story Discord server last week and made it such a resounding success! There were so many fantastic, diverse questions and the NEKCOM team had a lot of fun seeing what topics the community is interested in learning more about.

In case you missed the event, here is a taste of what kinds of questions came up during the Q&A:

  1. Q: Since there will be human enemies, what kinds of factions can we expect to encounter?

    A (Boss Cat): So far, the main players in this post-apocalyptic world are the Human Survivors, Bandit Gang, and Yakuza. The Yakuza faction in this game has unique characteristics that differentiate it from its counterparts in other games. However, there are other important factions which cannot be disclosed at this time, since we would like players and their friends to experience it firsthand.

  2. Q: Could you also tell us a bit about the weapon system?

    A (Jensen): The game features two categories of weapons: melee and long-range. Each weapon possesses unique characteristics that can be leveraged to gain an advantage in battle. For instance, some weapons excel at dealing significant damage to enemies, while others are particularly effective against specific enemy types or in certain combat environments. Players can also enhance their weapons by performing upgrades and enhancements, which can further augment the abilities of the weapons or even alter their characteristics.

  3. Q: Roughly how long will the game take to complete?

    A (Jensen): The main story content of the game is about 25 hours. If you count the side stories and other content, the overall game time will exceed 50 hours.

  4. Q: What makes the game an RPG? Is it mostly due to things like the stats and leveling systems? Or will there also be choices that affect the narrative?

    A (Boss Cat): We place a significant emphasis on plot, immersive quests, character development, exploration, and collection in our game. To convey our distinct worldview, we have invested considerable effort in crafting detailed environments and items, with a particular focus on the fascinating side stories that we cannot reveal too much about at this time. We believe that the game’s greatest appeal lies in following the plot to uncover the customs and culture of this unique world. This is why we feel that an RPG is the most effective means to express the game’s worldview.

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